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You will see that where it is suitable to do so the Header Banner Logo above will be used on our many websites on most files as a unity to the Arke Promotions Global Network

Sunse in Africa

Sunset in Africa

Arke Promotions with Arke Ministries Administration

Church Door

From the beggining of both Arke Promotions and Arke Ministries in 1972 though neither had these names then, the two have worked together. So it all started in a shop at Bondi in Sydney.

We could say it happened even ealier back in England where I learnt to put together a business that belonged to my parents having been at Bible College, nursing and the RAF before that.

John and Janet Brumby

We were able to run an ordinary shop but have Christian books and cards as a witness in that place. Paul the apostle worked as a tent maker (or worker in leather) to support the ministry outreach he was doing.

Arke Ministries is the ministry, prayer, counselling and charity side of things, whereas Arke Promotions can handle the business side of things

and report to the Tax deparment as required by law.

People can join the ministry side but everything is done manually as people have taken advantage of the easy sign up method we had before.

We are now at that point of time where we are adding other websites and updating others including this one.

We have removed the Calendar before and put in GOD TV as a page, now I have completed working on adding Arke Promotions and then Arke Ministries as two more pages.

Daily Bible Reading

You will note that I have completed a number of new pages created since the remark made above but we will leave it there.

Below is a picture of a recent Aurora event as seen in Australia.

Aurora Australis

Aurora Australiis

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